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Hi, I am Valerie Nigro.  I have had the pleasure of working for Kearney Public Schools since 2018 as an elementary school counselor.  Currently, I work full-time at Bryant Elementary and I enjoy every minute of it!  I love my students, parents, and the incredible staff we have at Bryant.  Bryant is my “second” family that I hold close to my heart.  My “first” family consists of my dad (Mike), mom (Claudia), sister (Amanda), Brother-in-Law (Ryan), and nephew (Michael). Here are some things that will help you get to know me even better!

  • I started working at Bryant in 2005 as an America Reads tutor. 
  • I love lasagna, spaghetti, and anything Italian!
  • My favorite color is orange.
  • I love walking and have been doing a lot of it!
  • I love John Deere tractors!
  • My favorite animal is a cow!
  • I spend my free time hanging out with my family and friends.
  • I love being a school counselor!!!

I am here to help students, staff, and all of my families at Bryant when they have a need.  I love being a helper in any situation that may arise and will always do my best to be supportive!  Bryant is a GREAT school!  I will work hard getting to know every family who has the honor of coming to Bryant and helping you the best I can!  Glad you are a BRYANT BULLDOG (Once a Bulldog, ALWAYS a Bulldog)!!!!

Miss Valerie Nigro 
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